Scaling up Efforts with Repurposed Content

So when you are new to affiliate marketing you probably hear a lot of people say that once you are doing something right you just need to scale up your efforts. What exactly does that mean and how can you do it?

Basically when somebody in affiliate marketing wants to scale something up that means they want to take something that is working and do it on a wider and broader scale so that more people see it and it works in more ways. Usually what they mean by working is something that is making sales. A good way to scale sales in internet marketing is to find affiliates.

Say you have a sales page about an e-book that sells well. You’ve done split testing and you know what works and what doesn’t and what your conversion rate is. Now, you find affiliates that send traffic to this sales page, and depending on what kind of a reach they have, they can double or triple or quadruple your current traffic, hopefully increasing your sales by just as much.  That is scaling up your sales with affiliates.

But what if you are the affiliate?  What are some ways that you can scale up your efforts?  The absolute biggest one for anyone who is creating content online is to repurpose that content.

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You take your content that you have created for one reason, and you use it for several other reasons and in several other ways.

Here are some examples.  Let’s talk about an informational article that you created for your website.

Use 1) put it on your website.

Use 2) make an autoresponder message out of it and put it in your email list

Use 3) release it for syndicated content (with a research box linking back to your website) at ezinearticles and other article marketing websites and with private website owners

Use 4) Put it together with a few other very good articles you have written on the same topic and create a short report for sale or to give away.  If you give it away you could use it to entice people to sign up to your list.  You could also give other people rights to give it away as long as they keep the links back to your site intact.  Say something in the report like “If you are reading this report you have full rights to give it away as long as you do not sell it and as long as you leave it exactly as it is.”

Use 5) make the article into a video and put it up on youtube and the other video sites.  Use a slightly different title and description that still applies to the article each time.

Use 6) Make the article into a pdf document and put it up on pdf sharing sites like

Use 7) take ideas from each paragraph of the article and rewrite and expand on it and create a page with this expanded topic at squidoo and or any other revenue sharing website.  Link these pages back to your original page for traffic and backlinks.

Use 8) Make the article into a podcast – make a recording out of it and put it up on podcast websites.  Talk about and link back to your website.

Can you see how repurposing your content will increase your reach across the internet exponentially, but not take near as much time as creating brand new content?  This is truly working smarter, not harder and should pay off in increased traffic and sales.

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