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Once you have been involved in affiliate marketing for a bit you may want to start creating and selling your own products.  You can even recruit affiliates to help do the selling with you.

So when you’re ready to create your own product you may not be sure what you should start with. There are many options. The digital short report or e-book is probably the easiest. Now that the Kindle is very popular putting your short report or e-book on the Kindle is also becoming popular and lucrative for some.

Other people develop things like WordPress themes or software. Some people develop apps for the iPhone or android or have them developed and then market them.  Still others use their own pictures to create products on zazzle .

The choices of what to sell on the Internet really are endless, even if you are selling your own product.

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Many people start with an e-book or a short report just to get the hang of things. So let’s talk about this. One way to create an e-book is to write it in Microsoft Word and then convert it into a PDF file. You can have a cover created at UpWork or you can make a simple one yourself at .

A good length for an e-book is 50 pages. A good length for a short report is 7 to 15 pages. The tolerance for high prices for e-books is coming down so you probably don’t want to price your e-book to be above the range that a print book would sell for unless your information is really hard to find and on a subject that people really need to know about.

A good price for a short report is $7.  These aren’t rules written in stone – you will want to test your prices and see what works best for you.

These days you can even self publish your e-book into a print book fairly easily.

So how are you going to market your new product? A great way to get your foot in the door is to find some people to joint venture with. You create the product and offer them a commission to sell it. Find someone with a big list related to the topic of your product.

Someone who sends out a good e-mail to a responsive medium-sized list could easily make you several hundred or several thousand dollars in a day.

Besides finding people to joint venture with on your own, you can also put your book up for sale at Clickbank. People go to Clickbank specifically to look for e-books to promote on their topic. If you have one affiliate who starts making multiple sales of your book, contacting them to see what else you can do for them is probably a good idea.  It’s hard to find good affiliates and when you find one, you should treat him or her well.

And don’t worry if your first product seems to be a flop or your first JV request attempt doesn’t go anywhere. Just keep trying – keep looking for people to promote your products and keep creating new products for people to buy.

This is how everyone who is successful at Internet marketing operates. No one creates one product and sells just it forever. People create and create and create and sell and sell and sell. This is what you should be doing also.

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